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The End

That night. The same thing that had happened for the Nth times for you don’t even know what had gone into you or him. You know what to say, but you won’t say it out. Meaningless. You want him to say it, and you just know he won’t. You feel like crying in front of her, but your heart had almost dried up that you think you don’t have enough of bloody tears to tell him how upset you are how he’s treating you. You didn’t cry, and you didn’t even know what to shout at him. “Never mind” that was what you tell him and your heart actually tells you “ENOUGH. FULLSTOP”.

You get out from his sight and back to your dark, hideous place that you used to cried for him Nth times, thinking how much you want him to understand this feeling, how much you want him to feel SORRY. It just that “he won’t”. You wanted to call him and wish he could hear you cry. But you end up sobbing silently till the next day comes.

Well, the sun comes up. Another new day?

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well, Itz not that I’m going to write an essay. But I just.. wanna ask..

Do you really wanna go out with me cause you don’t have anyone else to date with? Or do you date me cause you just need a friend to talk?
I’m confused in state of: I want to go out with you, but shall I talk as a friend or talk like someone wanna to be close to you?
mainly because you gave me a way of special that I can talk comfortably with; but not really cause I don’t know what am I to you.
Do I just look so embarrassing to you? or I do really look ugly that you can’t take in public?
Now just tell me, am I suppose a friend or more than a friend?

And ya, sorry. I did just wrote an confusing essay.

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